LifestyleCamper Group, based in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a manufacturer of teardrop caravan trailers that has experienced rapid growth. Their classic teardrop caravan design has been updated to meet the needs of modern travelers, and their X-Line and SteelDrop models offer a variety of configurations to suit individual preferences. Customers can choose from a range of comfort levels and add-ons, including showers, solar panels, and heating systems. Lifestylecamper is committed to constant improvement and innovation to ensure maximum comfort in a limited space. Their campers are now available in many countries worldwide.
LSC in Italy starts from 9900 Euro for SimpleDrop
Key competitive
advantages of mini-caravans
  1. With the additional tent mounted on the roof, our caravans can sleep four people. The bed inside the trailer measures 140x200 centimeters.
  1. Having the kitchen outside ensures you that smoke and noxious odors don't stay in the bedroom area. Roast fish or meat freely and don't worry about your caravan inside smelling those odors. For rainy weather we have a special kitchen hood awning, with a two meter awning, windows and mosquito nets for the kitchen.
  1. Any car that can pull a 500-600 kg trailer is good for it. We have happy customers with hybrid cars and even fully electric cars.
  1. 90% of our clients' vacations are spent in campsites that have toilets. For the restwe recommend bio-toilets. The options include an attached shower room whereyou can install such a bio-toilet.
  1. The most basic economy model SimpleDrop costs from 9900 euros plus VAT.Depending on the equipment and options selected, the price can rise to 27,000euros
  1. It is necessary to contact us or our dealers in Italy, to choose the model and equipment and to submit the order. To place an order and start production we require a 25% down payment of the final price. Production and delivery will take 4- 5 months. We deliver our caravans in Italy with license plates or with the necessary package of certificates for registration.
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