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STEEL DROP COMFORT FROM 13,300 EUROS* The price excludes VAT and delivery to Italy
Welcome to the classic and charming world of retro style with our LifestyleCamper Steel Drop caravan. Inspired by the classic teardrop-shaped campers of the United States, our Steel Drop embodies timeless elegance. Lightweight and suitable for towing both hybrid and fully electric cars, this camper represents an unbeatable style, always in fashion. With Steel Drop, you will be the center of attention wherever you go.

Despite its small size and low weight, it offers unparalleled comfort and handling. You will enjoy the same comfortable 200x140 cm bed with orthopedic mattress and wooden slats. You can venture off the paved roads and embrace nature with ease. Live the adventure in style and comfort by choosing Steel Drop. Customize your LifestyleCamper Steel Drop with a wide range of bespoke options. Choose between 4 different suspensions, solar panels, smart-TV, Webasto heating, outdoor veranda and roof tent, bathroom with shower and kitchen with fly screen. The structure of our Steel Drop is made from marine plywood covered with 2mm stainless steel, ensuring strength and durability. This design not only gives a unique style, but also ensures protection and solidity, allowing you to travel with safety and timeless style!
The standard model is equipped with the following options:
  • Cell structure: multilayer marine plywood light Startplex: okoume faces, poplar inside
  • Bottom coating: polyurethane coating elastomeric "LINE-X" (USA)
  • External covering: Polished AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Rear cargo box
  • Right side door with sliding glass window 46x41cm
  • Left side door with sliding glass window 46x41cm
  • AL-KO torsion bar suspension (750 kg) with roller brake and shock absorbers, straight rudder
  • Front support wheel
  • Metal frame with anti-corrosion zinc coating
  • All-season tires (R15) and steel rims complete with Baby Moon caps
  • Plastic wheel chocks
  • Steel mudguards
  • 58 liter plastic water tank with steel protection
  • Internal carpet covering for motor vehicles (except the floor)
  • Sliding window curtains
  • Façade panels covered in HPL plastic
  • Orthopedic mattress without springs 200х140х10cm Soft headrest
  • Lockers with shelves for storing personal items
  • Wall nets for small objects and personal equipment (2 pieces)
  • Foldable plastic cup holders (2 pieces)
  • Outerwear hooks (2 pieces) - Hatch on 40x40cm roof complete with mosquito net
  • Car radio complete with broadband speakers with Support Bluetooth AM|FM|MP3
  • Additional furniture with shelf (instead of the LED TV)
  • LED lighting: two zones
  • Control Panel (completion based on selected options)
  • Kitchen facade panels covered in HPL plastic
  • Kitchen worktop covered in HPL plastic
  • Stainless steel sink with cold water tap
  • Cabinet with shelves for storing utensils kitchen complete with plastic organizers
  • Control panel (completion depending of the selected options)
  • Intelligent charger (8A)
  • AGM battery (12V|70Ah)
  • Dimensional LED lighting (side lights)
  • LED lighting of trailer doors
  • Weight 450-750 kg
* VAT and delivery to Italy not included
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